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With our last lecture, we have finished the material for Ruby. The slides from lecture can be found here.

The Ruby Assignment is now live. It includes five problems, two of which are from the book. The assignment will be due next Friday, February 1 at 11:59PM.

To get started, fork the Ruby repo, which will create a repo of the same name under your github account. This allows us to keep track of everyone's progress. Then clone your own forked repo and you are ready to go. From there, you can commit and publish your changes.

The assignment document is called and the skeleton files can be found under the assignments folder.

You can submit your solution in one of two ways.

  1. you can submit your source file directly to the autograder. The directions for how to use it will be live shortly.
  2. you can keep your code in your own repos. Once the deadline passes, our automated script will get the latest versions of your code and run it against the autograder. So remember to commit often.

The solutions to all the book problems except for Tree and CSV are also live. You can find them here.

Again, please feel free to post questions on issues.