JavaScript Assignment

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With our last lecture, we have finished the material for JavaScript. The slides from lecture can be found here.

The JavaScript Assignment is now live and complete. It includes four problems, with one bonus problem. The assignment will be due next Wednesday, February 13 at 11:59PM.

The assignment document is called and the skeleton files can be found under the assignments folder.

Please remember to fork the JavaScript repo and push your solutions to your forked repo. You can always manually submit to the autograder.

Again, please feel free to post questions on issues.

Hope you will find this assignment to be slightly easier.

Note About Bonus Problem

The waterfall function is part of a very widely used JavaScript Library called async.js. It helps manage the complexity and callbacks for a series of functions that depend on the result of a previous functions.

A similar function also available in the async library is parallel. It allows you to fire off many requests in parallel and collect the results with a single callback function. We mentioned this function in lecture and we have published a simpler version of the parallel function that takes in a hash. Please take a look for reference and hopefully it will help you understand what's required for the waterfall function

Note about Earlier Forked Repos

If you forked the repo before we finalized the assignment. Please use the following commands to update your repo:

git remote add upstream
git pull --rebase upstream master

Let us know if you are having trouble with git.